What is BReIN?

What is BReIN?

 BReIN is the English name for[Brain elasto-plasticity induction non-invasive selective inintegration]The main word characters ofBReINIt is an abbreviation that arranges.

It is similar to the English word "BRAIN" in "brain", but the spelling is different in only one place. The "A" is a lowercase "e". The reason for this is "elasto-plasticity (Elastoplastic)"This is to emphasize the concept.

BReINBReIN is an integrated therapy consisting of multiple approaches (techniques)is. The individual techniques in itBreinIt is written as. This is a brain elasto-plastic induction method (Brain elasto-plasticity inIt is an abbreviation for reduction).

Brain Elasto-Plasticity Guided Non-Invasive Selective Integration BReIN
BReIN ispluralTechniquecombineIntegrated therapy

BReINBReIN is optimal considering the situation of each patientBreinIntegrated therapy & custom-made treatment performed in combinationis.

In the first place, there is a potential "individual difference in effect" in many medical practices, but an approach that focuses on it rather than ignoring it is.It can be said that.

It is said that modern medicine is basically a discipline that does not consider individual differences, but human beings are ten people and ten colors. Everyone is different. From now on, it is expected that the number of custom-made perspectives will increase.

The Cognitive Science Integrative Therapist certified by our association is "PCCA(Patient-Centred Clinical Approach)-Patient-centric clinical approachBased on the philosophy of "-", we try to treat the other person with sympathy and compassion.

Target diseases of BReIN

Attempts to induce cerebral elasto-plasticity (working on the brain) for various diseases show effects in a very wide range of areas. for that reason.Is for locomotorium, digestive system, mental system, rehabilitation, relaxation, etc. Based on the above, we have set up the concept of "comprehensive clinical approach".

Brein menu [BReIN individual technique]

-As of March 2022, there are 27 types of menus in total, and reviews such as additions and deletions are made irregularly, and techniques are updated from time to time.
The number of menu items available varies by facility (please inquire at each facility).
・ Ap is an abbreviation for approach.

Earthing touch ap 【Earthing Touched Approach】⤵
Underground ap [Angraction approach]⤵
Interlisting(Listening counseling) ・ ap 【Inter-listening approach】⤵
Olfaction ap[Olfaction approach]⤵
Swing ap [Swing approach]⤵
Swing touch ap [Swing touch approach]⤵
Skin directap [Skin direct approach]⤵
Skin wrapap [Skin wrapping approach]⤵
Soothing soundap [Soothing sound approach]⤵
Steer tapingap [stair-taping approach]⤵
Straw Kingap 【Stroking approach】⤵
Touchlessap [Touchless approach]⤵
Chattingap 【Chatting approach】⤵
Neurofixap [Neurofixed approach]⤵
Knee heelap [knee-heel approach]⤵
HMOap 【Happy memory output approach】⤵
P reductionap 【P-reduction approach】⤵
Hood ringap [foodling approach]⤵
Flaxid touchap [Flaccid touched approach]⤵
planterap 【Plantar approach】⤵
Frame healing ap 【Flame healing approach】⤵
Hedear ap [Head-air approach]⤵
Mirror touching ap 【Tactile synchronous mirror therapeutic approach】⤵
Love light ap [Rub-write approach]⤵
Ring tap / ap 【Ring tapping approach】⤵
Resilience ap [Resilience approach]⤵
Revitation ap [Levitation approach]⤵

Specific example of BReIN

Ring tap / ap
Neurofix ap
Mirror touching ap

Example 1) Trauma
After calming the brain (biological relaxation) with a ring tap or flux touch, skin wraps and neurofixes (functional orthotic devices that do not cause contracture) reduce the burden of subsequent rehabilitation (in the first place).Rehabilitation-free recovery processAim).

Example 2) Intractable pain
For example, for CRPS (RSD), after calming the brain with ring taps and listening counseling, mirror touching, love light, etc. are used.Reconstruction and reorganization of neural circuitsPrompt.

Example 3) Stroke rehabilitation
Combine ring taps, underground, planters, chatting, mirror touching, etc.Integrated rehabilitationto hold.

Example 4) Panic disorder
By combining touchless, listening counseling, chatting, olfaction, frame healing, etc.Amygdala due to brain homeostasis dysfunction (BD)And prefrontal cortexIt restores metabolic imbalance such asincrease.

Example 5) Inflammatory bowel disease
By combining food rings, listening counseling, ring taps, etc., in the gut-brain axisSedation of inflammatory circuits and vagal reflexes, etc.I will try.

Follow me!

For those interested in Cognitive Science Integrated Approach (COSIA)

The Cognitive Science Integrated Approach (COSIA) is a concept that represents the “integration of cognitive science and medicine” and has its origins in pain management in musculoskeletal primary care.

In the current situation where image labeling and diagnosis of the cause of pain diverge, the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) has revised the definition of pain and is shifting to the "emotional origin theory of pain."

If you are interested in COSIA, please visit the "Special Site for Medical Professionals and Therapists". We look forward to your participation.