Polypharmacy Reduced abstinence approach

"Poly" in polypharmacy is a prefix that means "too much," and "pharmacy" means medicine, and refers to the state of being given more medicine than necessary.

Problems with polypharmacy include increased drug costs and wasted medical expenses due to leftover drugs.drug side effectsis mentioned.

BReINElderly people are more likely to have side effects..

Side effects that are likely to occur in the elderly are said to be "dizziness", "falling", "decline in cognitive function" and "loss of appetite", especiallyLight-headedness and falls occur in more than 40% of elderly people who take 5 or more medications.There is a report that

In today's aging society, it is becoming a big problem that people become bedridden due to fractures caused by falls, and dementia develops or worsens.

BReIN (integrative therapy combining multiple techniques) recommended by our association includes a technique called P reduction. Through counseling to raise awareness of polypharmacy, elderly patients and their families will be updated in their awareness of drug hazards.
The video below is part of a TV show that tells a real-life case of polypharmacy. The content is very easy to understand, so please listen to it.

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