Earthing Touch

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Discovering Earthing Touch

In April 2020, what happens when the practitioner himself touches the patient in an earthing state? When I conducted the experiment, I found that the patient was also grounded. It was later named "Earthing Touch" and is now positioned as one of BReIN. About BReINthis pagePlease see

HSPs and Empaths who are compatible with Earthing Touch

It has been found that Earthing Touch is also very suitable as a treatment for very sensitive people such as HSPs and Empaths.

Some people with super-sensitive constitution show unstable phenomenon like side effects even with delicate touching. In such cases, Touchless is indicated, but after the development of Earthing Touch, almost no patients showed unstable progress.

I think that it is a very wonderful method that HSP and Empath can receive treatment with peace of mind.

Video (YouTube) of installation example of grounding sheets in bedroom bed at home

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