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BReINThis page "Touching for acute trauma"But as explained, touching works wonders not only for chronic pain, but also for acute pain.

One of BReIN's "Ring Tap" is a touching technology that is used for various symptoms including pain.“Canine Epilepsy”(The photo at the top of the page is the actual scene).

The owner was surprised, but even more so was the operator himself (the author).

I knew that it was effective for human epilepsy, but I didn't expect it to cure animal epilepsy, especially a dog with a severe case of epilepsy, which the veterinarian had told him that "any more seizures would be life-threatening." teeth!

According to the owner, he has not had a seizure even after a year of treatment.

Why does tactile stimulation by human hands produce such incredible effects? Verification in cognitive science is already underway to find out why.

The most likely mechanism is called entrainment. This refers to a phenomenon in which rhythmic stimulus input from the outside leads to alteration of neural circuits in the brain.

For example, if a patient with Parkinson's disease walks while listening to the sound of a metronome, he or she will be able to walk normally without frozen legs. Your form will improve and your time will improve.

In addition to these cases, entrainment has been experimentally and verified in various areas, and it is known that the human brain unconsciously captures various signals.

Entrainment is said to be involved in the phenomenon of synchronizing the blinks of the audience watching a movie, which is well-known in the research on the default mode network.

Tapping clearly shows that entrainment can occur not only through sight and hearing, but also through touch. It was reported in the news that volunteers at evacuation centers after the Great East Japan Earthquake healed their minds and bodies by tapping victims.

Ring tapping in BReIN can be said to be one of the indirect tapping techniques as it is an extremely minute stimulus input among various types of touching.

It is not a clear tapping with the fingertips, but a tapping that can be felt faintly, but in terms of entrainment of the sense of touch, it is more effective to suppress the strength of the stimulation. This is the idea.

One of the reasons for this is the relationship between the intensity of stimulation to the skin and the autonomic nervous system. Strong shiatsu or strong massage tends to excite the sympathetic nervous system, whereas weaker stimulation (such as gentle massage or touching) tends to increase the parasympathetic nervous system.

In my clinical practice, autonomic nerve tests are routinely performed in all cases, and as a result of analyzing the clinical data, it was found that it is easier to restore the balance of the autonomic nerves by suppressing the amount of stimulation as much as possible. I'm here.

The reason that epilepsy in humans and dogs recovers from a very small stimulus such as a ring tap is due to multiple factors such as entrainment and stochastic resonance (detailed on another occasion), as well as cross-modal effects. presumed to play a large role.

What is the cross-modal effect?

Illusion caused by interaction of different sensesis. For example, when tasting red wine that has been colored white, even experts get it wrong (the taste goes crazy), and the McGurk effect (when you watch a video in which lip movements and sound are mismatched, people give priority to vision and make different sounds). ) is famous.

In recent years, synesthesia andcross modal effect(cross-modality) research has shown that humanThe five senses do not work independently, but work in close relation to each other.I know that.

In medicine, the author developedMirror touching(Treatment using the gap between tactile sensation and visual perception in mirror image recognition)Haptic visual cross-modal effectis used, and the touching for acute pain introduced at the beginning is alsoTactile pain sensation cross-modal effectcan be said to be an example of

When the human brain receives multiple types of senses at the same time, it sorts out information inputs by prioritizing them.The human brain prioritizes touch over pain and touchis programmed as

for that reasonTouching the painful area relieves the pain. This is the tactile pain sensation crossmodal effect.

It is already common knowledge in Sweden, a leading country in oxytocin research, that the seemingly insignificant, mundane act of "touching" has an unexpectedly effective pain-relieving effect. Touching is done.

However, in Japan, it is not widely used in the medical field, and the effect of touching is not recognized in the first place, so it is easy to see medical equipment, injections, and medicines that look good and are easy to understand. .

Under such circumstances, the effect of touching and the healing effect of prenatal memory were introduced on NHK's "Chico-chan scolded", and I feel that awareness is spreading among the general public, albeit little by little.

Please watch the video below (it's a little over 3 minutes long).

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