The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is alwaysTension to defy gravityis maintained. We are not usually aware of this skin tension level, but it is known that, for example, in a living body with severe brain fatigue, the skin's metabolic activity decreases and the skin tension level also changes.

In the treatment system called BReIN, the relationship between the skin and the brain is very important. The Japan Society for Elastoplasticity calls this “Brain-skin correlation” is called.

Brain-skin correlation!?

It has been reported that there is a close relationship between brain development and tactile sensation from fetuses to infants, the relationship between oxytocin, brain and skin, and the possibility that hair follicle receptors in hairy skin sense high frequencies outside the audible range and deliver them to the brain. A generic term for the close relationship between the brain and the skin.

Injury management, locomotorium rehabilitation, post-stroke rehabilitation, post-stroke care, pain management for CRPS (RSD), interventions” is one of the most important elements.

Also, the skin around the joints has a slight rotational movement (gliding) that is invisible to the eye. If you guide this with a gentle and delicate technique, you may see a change that you can't recognize.

Please see the video below to see how the skin intervention technique "Skin Direct" actually works.

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