It is inferred that the ability to adjust the volume of the voice according to the environment was indispensable for human beings who lived a hunter life in ancient times.

For example, in the face of the danger of being attacked by large nocturnal animals, humans who act carelessly, such as shouting loudly at night, would have lowered their own survival rate.

On the other hand, in modern society, many people make vocalizations that match the situation based on the overall characteristics of the space (indoor environment) they are in (the density of people, the echo of speaking voices and background music, etc.).

I adjust the volume of the speech according to the environment at that time.

Conversation on a train, conversation in a cafe or restaurant, and so on, many people consider their surroundings by consciously or unconsciously adjusting the volume of their voice to match the atmosphere of the place. However, we believe that these capabilitiesSocial Voice Distance (SBD)In a broad sense, it refers to the state in which this is followed as an implicit manner.

However, in the corona wreck, the situation where SBD is not protected is increasing.

depending on the circumstancesMasknication(For more informationthis page), but there are people everywhere who speak excessively incompatible with the atmosphere of the place, and who do not realize themselves.

Various types of harassment such as sexual harassment and moral harassment are known in the world, but some people point out that such acts that do not comply with the SBD can be expressed as "voice volume harassment" or "voice volume harassment." There is also "Boihara" for short..., the day will come when the word will be used...?

I call those who sexually harass me "sekkler," those who harass me "moralers," and those who engage in power harassment "powerers." increase.

In general, SBD is not a problem at banquets represented by izakaya unless it goes too far (the heat-up of conversation due to alcohol can be tolerated and absorbed by the space), but on the other hand, during the daytime Unacceptable situations occur everywhere in the public space during the time period.

This is also part of the super-individual difference that our association claims. of individual differences are latent.

However, it is also true that there are more and more cases where it goes too far to be dismissed as a problem on the receiving end.

For example, a business meeting at a family restaurant or cafe. Sales talk when soliciting or facilitating insurance contracts or describing any business or community. When heat builds up in this, the volume becomes unbearable and causes great stress to the surroundings.

In a similar environment, there are also groups (boiler groups) whose conversations are completely in izakaya mode. It's clearly out of place and there are really more people who don't realize and care that they're changing the atmosphere in the store.

The other day, when I was enjoying an after-meal coffee at a cafe in a shopping mall, the two young women sitting next to me were in a state where they couldn't follow SBD, in other words, they had turned into typical boilers.

I couldn't help but say, "This is not an izakaya," but I refrained from pouring water on people who were enjoying themselves.

Then, one of them said, "I'm going to poop for a while," and got up from the seat while the conversation was still lively. It was such a shocking event that the other people around me were stunned and dumbfounded.

On top of SBD failing, is it completely blurring the distinction between public and private in space, or is VR overkill blurring the distinction between real and virtual? In any case, even though I'm in a café, I can't help but feel like I'm in my own home.

There are many restrictions due to the corona crisis, and especially in countries like Japan, which has a strong characteristic of being a group, for better or worse, the level of stress that individuals unconsciously carry has reached a considerable level.

It may be seen as a flip side of this, or a backlash, but even with that in mind, the proliferation of careless people is a troubling situation for Japanese society.

At the beginning of the corona disaster, TV was actively calling "social distance", but in the post-corona era, social voice distance (SBD), which may be one of the social aftereffects of the corona disaster. Isn't it necessary to enlighten the concept of the collapse of the

TV people will not catch minor existence like our association, so if there are people who read this article and sympathize, please spread it on SNS.

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